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Every possible circumstance that might involve a hazard cannot be predicted by the manufacturer. In certain use cases that the manufacturer does not specifically recommend, verify that it is safe. These safety alerts alone cannot eliminate the hazards that they indicate. Common sense and strict compliance with the special instructions are essential.

Operating conditions

  • Only use the device in dry environments
  • Out of direct sunlight
  • Away from heat source
  • Away from corrosive substances, salts and flammable gases

Faulty and damaged products

  • Do not attempt to disassemble the device or its accessories
  • Only qualified personnel must service or repair the device or its accessories
  • If your device or its accessories have been submerged in water punctured or subjected to a severe fall, do not use until they have been checked at an authorized service center

Electrical safety

  • Only use approved accessories
  • Do not connect with incompatible products or accessories

Product handling

WEEE LOGO.png This sign on the package means that all used electronic and electric equipment should not be mixed with general household waste.

  • You alone are responsible for how you use your device and any consequences of its use.
  • Use of your device is subject to safety measures designed to protect users and their environment.
  • Always treat your device and its accessories with care and keep it in a clean and dust-free place.
  • Do not expose your device or its accessories to open flames or lit tobacco products.
  • Do not expose your device or its accessories to liquid, moisture or high humidity.
  • Do not drop, throw or try to bend your device or its accessories.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or aerosols to clean the device or its accessories.
  • Do not paint your device or its accessories.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble your device or its accessories, only authorised personnel must do so.
  • Do not use your device in an enclosed environment or where heat dissipation is poor.
  • Please check local regulations for disposal of electronic products.
  • Do not operate the device where ventilation is restricted.
  • Do not use or install this product near water to avoid fire or shock hazard.
  • Avoid exposing the equipment to rain or damp areas.
  • Arrange cables in a manner such that they are not likely to be stepped on or have items placed on them.
  • Ensure that the voltage and rated current of the power source match the requirements of the device.
  • Do not leave your device and its accessories within the reach of small children or allow them to play with it. They could hurt themselves or others, or could accidentally damage the device. Your device contains small parts with sharp edges that may cause an injury or which could become detached and create a choking hazard.
  • Device may become warm during normal use.


UKCA LOGO.png Hereby, TELTONIKA NETWORKS declares that this accessory is in compliance with EMC Regulations 2016, Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 and The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2012.

Declaration of Conformity, page 1
Declaration of Conformity, page 2

To download a PDF version of the declaration, click here.