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The information in this page is updated in accordance with firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.04.5.


The Mobile page is used to configure mobile connection settings.

This manual page provides an overview of the Mobile page in RUTX12 devices.

If you're having trouble finding this page or some of the parameters described here on your device's WebUI, you should turn on "Advanced WebUI" mode. You can do that by clicking the "Basic" button under "Mode", which is located at the top-right corner of the WebUI.

Networking rutx manual webui basic advanced mode.gif


The General section is used to configure SIM card parameters that define how the device will establish a mobile connection.

SIM card settings

The SIM Card Settings section is used to configure main SIM card parameters. Refer to the figure and table below for information on the fields contained in that section.

Networking rutos manual mobile general sim card settings dualmodem v2.png

Field Value Description
Deny data roaming off | on; default: off Denies data connection on roaming conditions.
VoLTE Auto | On | Off; default: Auto Enables Voice over LTE, a digital packet technology that uses 4G LTE networks to route voice traffic and transmit data.
Network type Auto | 4G (LTE) only | 3G only; default: Auto Network connection type preference.
PIN integer [0000..99999999]; default: none SIM card's PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a secret numeric password used to authenticate the device to the SIM card. PIN codes are comprised of numbers only and the length can range from 4 to 8 symbols. PIN number is saved in flash memory therefore it does not reset when default settings are restored.
Band selection Auto | Manual; default: Auto Network frequency band selection method. When set to Auto, the device connects to the band with the best connectivity conditions, while Manual provides the possibility to manually select the bands which the device will obliged to use.

Low signal reconnect

The Low signal reconnect section is used to configure modem operator connection resetting based on signal strength  for specified SIM card.

Networking rutos manual mobile general low signal reconnect v1.png

Field Value Description
Enable off | on; default: off Enables Low signal reconnect.
Reset threshold integer [-120..-50]; default: none Signal threshold in dB for the connection. When signal is under this value modem resets connection.
Reset timeout integer [15..65535]; default: 600 Time for the device to wait in seconds before trying to reset the connection again.

Operator settings

The Operator Settings section is used to configure which operators can be allowed (Whitelist) or blocked (Blacklist) for specified SIM card.

Networking rutx12 manual mobile general operator settings v1.png

Field Value Description
Enable off | on; default: off Enables Whitelist or Blacklist for specified operator list.
Mode Whitelist | Blacklist; default: Whitelist Mode to be applied for operator list.
  • Whitelist - only allow operators in list
  • Blacklist - block all operators in list
Operator list operator list; default: none A list of operators which can be configured in Operators List page.

SMS limit settings

The SMS Limit Settings section provides you with the possibility to set up a maximum sent SMS message cap for your SIM card.

Networking rutos manual mobile general sms limit settings v2.png

Field Value Description
Enable SMS Limit off | on; default: off Turns SMS limiting on or off.
SMS limit count integer; default: none Sets the SMS sending cap, i.e., how many SMS messages can be sent from this SIM card during the specified period.
Period Day | Week | Month; default: Day Period for which SMS limiting should apply. After the period expires, the SMS limit counter will be reset.
Start hour/day 0-23 / Monday - Sunday / 0-31; default: 0 Starting hour of the day / day of the week / day of the month for SMS limiting period.
Clear SMS Limit - (interactive button) Clears the SMS limit counter for the selected period.


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is communication protocol used in communication between cellular devices and mobile network operators. It is usually used with prepaid SIM cards to enable/disable certain services or to obtain information from a network operator.

This section provides the possibility to send USSD messages to the mobile operator.

Networking rutos manual mobile general ussd.png

Field Value Description
USSD string; default: none Enter a USSD code (up to 182 character) that you wish to send. To send the entered USSD code, click the 'Send' button below the Response box.
Response message string; default: No response yet Displays the response to the last sent USSD message. Receiving the response may take up to a minute.
Send - (interactive button) Click to send the message entered in the USSD field.

Network operators

The Network operators section provides you with the possibility to scan for and manage mobile network operators to which the device's SIM card can connect to.

Networking rutos manual mobile network operators scan dualmodem.png

Field Value Description
Modem Primary modem | Secondary modem; default: Primary modem Operator scanning will be performed on the chosen modem.
Current operator string; default: none Displays the name of the operator the which the device is currently connected.
Connection mode Auto | Manual | Manual-Auto; default: Auto Operator selection method.
  • Auto - selects the operator automatically.
  • Manual - requires you to select the operator manually. (More on this selection below.)
  • Manual-Auto - prompts you to enter an operator's code, but if the router can't complete the connection, it will automatically connect to the next available operator.

Manual operator selection

To select an operator manually, specify Modem, Connection mode: Manual and click 'Scan For Operators'.

Networking rutos manual mobile network operators scan proccess step 1 dualmodem v1.png

Will be prompted with a pop-up asking if you're sure. Click 'Scan' if you wish to proceed.

Networking rutos manual mobile network operators scan proccess step 2.png

Wait for the scan to finish. As indicated by the onscreen message, the process can take up to 3 minutes.

Networking rutos manual mobile network operators scan proccess step 3.png

Once the scan has finished, you will see the results in the 'Available operators'.

Networking rutos manual mobile network operators operators list.png

In order to lock the SIM card to using a single operator, select operator from Operator code field and click 'Save & Apply'.

Operators list

This section is used to create lists of operators codes, which can then be used in Operator settings section to Whitelist of Blacklist them. Operator code consists of two parts - Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC).

Networking rutos manual mobile network operators list management v1.png

By clicking Edit Networking rutx manual edit button v1.png on a list you will be redirected to editing page in which you can enter operator codes for that list.

Networking rutos manual mobile network operators list edit v1.png

APN Database

APN stands for Access Point Name and allows a device's network to connect to the internet. With the APN settings in place, your device builds a connection to a carrier's gateway. APN Database page section provides you with possibility to create/edit/delete APN records.

Network rutos mobile apn database.png

Adding new APN

In order to create new APN to database, insert required information and click Add button.

Network rutos mobile apn database add button.png

Network rutos mobile apn database entry configuration.png

Field Value Description
Carrier name default: empty Carrier name - name of a company that sells wireless connectivity to customers for cellphone data and telephone calls. It may also be called a mobile network operator, a mobile carrier, cellular company or wireless service provider.
Mobile Country Code default: empty Mobile Country Code (MCC) - a mobile code consisting of three digits used to identify GSM networks. MCC is also used along with the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) to identify the region from which mobile subscriber belongs.
Mobile Network Code default: empty Mobile Network Code (MNC) - a unique two- or three-digit number used to identify a home Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) to. MNC is allocated by the national regulator.
APN default: empty APN (Access Point Name) is configurable network identifier used by a mobile device when connecting to a carrier
PDP type IPv4/IPv6 | IPv4 | IPv6; default: IPv4/IPv6 Specifies what type of address is requested from the operator
Authentication type none | PAP | CHAP; default: none Authentication method that your GSM carrier uses to authenticate new connections on it's network
Username default: empty Your username that you would use to connect to your GSM carrier's network
Password default: empty Your password that you would use to connect to your GSM carrier's network