Reaching Cisco router console port remotely

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This article describes how to connect to a console of another device (e.g., a Cisco router, Fortigate firewall, etc.)


You will need:

  • A RUT955 router
  • An RS232 (male) - RJ45 cable (to connect to a Cisco AUX port):
    Cisco rj45 rs232 cable.jpg
  • Or a USB type Mini - USB type A cable (to connect to a USB type mini console port):
    Cisco usb cable.jpg


There are multiple ways to connect to a console port, which are described in the sections below:

RS232 - RJ45

RS232 can be configured from the Services → RS232/RS485 → RS232 Configuration page. The following RS232 configuration should be used:

Cisco rs config.png


Using Mini USB – USB type A configuration. Configured from the WebUI, Services → USB Tools → USB to Serial page:

Cisco usb config.png

PuTTY configuration

The console can be accessed by using software such as PuTTY (can be downloaded from here.

The PuTTY configuration should look like this:

Cisco putty.png

Console port

Example of console ports:

IMG 20190121 155038 V4.jpg