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The Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection (BSMI) is the administrative agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs responsible for standardization, metrology, and product inspection in Taiwan.


BSMI certification, also known as CNS Mark Certification System, is a product certification system established in 1951 to promote the use of local standards and regulations in Taiwan.

The CNS logo mark on a product demonstrates compliance of product quality with local standards and compliance of the manufacturer’s quality management system with ISO 9001 requirements.

BSMI registration is mandatory for certain products imported and sold into Taiwan. It is regulated under the Commodity Inspection Act in Taiwan. This law ensures that goods meet the requirements of safety, health, environmental protection, and other technical regulations or standards. It also aims to protect the rights and interests of consumers and to promote the sound development of economic activities.


The following table lists standards applied to TSW110 and their test report numbers:

Safety CNS15598-1:2020 B2022111501
EMC CNS15936 (105 Edition) SL2INE0054220145


BSMI Certificate of Conformity

To download a PDF version of the Certificate of Conformity, click here.

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