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The Invite new user is used to invite new users to manage or view your RMS profile.

To invite a new user go to the RMS web page, Management on the Left sidebar panel, (Management → Users) and click on Users submenu.

Move your mouse pointer to the Top control Users menu and select Invite new (Users → Invite new).

RMS-user-users-left-sidebar-panel.png RMS-top-menu-users-invite.png


  1. Move your mouse pointer to the Users menu and click Invite new user.
  2. You will get a Invite new user pop-up window. All fields are mandatory.
  3. Enter the Email of the new user, select the Company user will be able to manage and set the Role. Each role has different user rights.
  4. Click Invite button when ready.

At the top of your screen, you will get a notification: User invited.

Rms manual invite new user v1.png

Invited users will receive an email inviting them to join. Should they accept the invitation and register, they will automatically be assigned to the company and role you specify in these fields.

  • Role - defines the user's role. Each role has different user rights on RMS. Possible roles:
    • Read-only - users are used for demonstration purposes. They cannot perform any actions and cannot interact with any device, user or company.
    • End client - can only see and interact with devices and users that belong to their specific company. End clients cannot create subsidiary companies and cannot manually move their company's credits.
    • Administrator - have full control over their company devices, users, and any devices/ users that belong to their subsidiary companies. Administrators are able to create new users and subsidiary companies, as well as move credits between created subsidiary companies.


  • After the new user will receive an email. User will have to create a new RMS account.
  • Below you will see an example of such email.