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This chapter is a guide on configuring vpngate.com provider VPN instance on RUT routers.

No registration required.

Step 1: Download the OpenVPN Configuration File

Select VPN server

Open your internet browser and type www.vpnbook.net in the browser's URL bar. Press OpenVPN and select server


Step 2: Certificates

Certificate creation

Create three files in your chosen directory for certificates and key:

  • ca.crt - Certificate authority
  • client.crt - Client certificate
  • client.key - Client Key


Create certificates

Extract and open one of the downloaded VPN configuration files and copy/paste the certificates and key to your empty files.


Save changes.

Step 3: Router configuration

Now we need to open our RUT homepage. You can access the website by entering in your internet browser's URL bar.

Open VPN configuration panel by clicking Services → VPN


VPN instance creation

Type in your VPN configuration name and click Add new


Click the Edit button to edit your VPN instance configuration


Configuration settings

Check the Enable box

Set port, encryption, remote host/IP address and authentication algorithm from the VPN configuration file you downloaded. (example below)

Upload your certificates:

  • Upload ca.crt as Certificate authority
  • Upload client.crt as Client certificate
  • Upload client.key as Client key


Click Save.

Step 4: Try your VPN

Wait up to 5 minutes from the time you saved the changes.

Press Status → Network.


Press OpenVPN and check VPN status.


if IP address is missing something is wrong with router configuration

Open your internet browser and visit website http://whatismyipaddress.com to check location that should have changed.

Location after VPN


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