How to disable LAN ports?

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You can disable specific LAN ports on RUTxxx routers from the VLAN section. Login to router's WebUI and navigate to the Network -> VLAN section. Select "Port based" VLAN mode. Then under the "LAN ports" column select which LAN ports should be turned ON/OFF. Select to which LAN network the configuration should apply (by default there is one LAN network in router called "lan"):

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Important note: if you disable all LAN ports on the router, you will lose access to the router via Ethernet. To regain access to the router you can:

  • login to the router's wireless access point (AP) (provided that you assigned a wireless access point to the VLAN configuration)
  • login remotely via RMS
  • login remotely via the router's public IP address (provided remote access was configured prior to VLAN)
  • login remotely via VPN (provided the VPN was configured prior to VLAN)
  • reset the router's configuration to its default state