How to upload and download files from the router (Windows)?

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Users often need to upload or download files from RUTxxx routers. Whether it be to upload a configuration file into the router, download it, download a log file with information vital to the user, etc.

This article details the process of how to upload/download files from a RUTxxx series router. The examples provided in this article are aimed at Windows OS users. To find the guide for Linux users, click here.

Overview[edit | edit source]

For file transfer between Windows and RutOS (RUTxxx operating system) we'll be using WinSCP - a free application used to copy file between a local computer and other local/remote host and servers using FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV or S3 file transfer protocols. You can download WinSCP from here. Download and install it on your PC and you can start following the instructions provided in the next section.

File transfer[edit | edit source]

  • Launch WinSCP and fill in the highlighted fields:

Winscp login instructions.PNG


  • File protocol - the file protocol used to copy files to and from the host
  • Host name - the router's IP address or host name (replace this with your personal router's IP or host name)
  • Port number - port used for SCP file transfer. By default it is port 22
  • User name - the router's SSH user name. This is different than the user name used for WebUI logins. Always use root
  • Password - the router's admin password

  • If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted with a security warning. Click "Update" to proceed - this will setup an RSA key between your PC and the router. After that you will greeted with a window such as the the one presented below. You can then drag files into and from the router exactly like you would in Windows:

Winscp interface example.PNG

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