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Summary[edit | edit source]

The Hotspots section located in the Management menu tab is used to view the status and parameter values related to the Hotspot service of your RMS devices. This section of the RMS user manual provides an overview of the Hotspot section.

RMS-hotspots-left-sidebar-panel.jpg RMS Hotspot.gif

Hotspots control buttons[edit | edit source]

For detailed information for the specific hotspot click an arrow on the left side of the Hotspots table. It will open a list of hotspot(s) on your selected device. The hotspot control buttons on the right side of the hotspot table.

Active Hotspot Users[edit | edit source]

Currently active users in the selected hotspot. Click the Active Users button to open the Active Hotspot Users popup window.

RMS Hotspot Actives Users button.jpg RMS Hotspot Actives Users.jpg

Hotspot Users[edit | edit source]

All the users in the selected hotspot. Click the Active Users button to open the Active Users popup window.

RMS Hotspot Users button.jpg

Add Hotspot User[edit | edit source]

Add a new user in the selected hotspot. Click the Add New User button to open the Add New User popup window.

RMS Hotspot Add New User button.jpg Hotspot - Add New User.gif

Right customization panel[edit | edit source]

The Right customization panel is used to customize what information should be displayed in the Hotspot section page. Unlike most other sections, the hotspot section contains Filters and Table columns tab in this page. Table columns let you pick which device parameters will be displayed in the Hotspots table. Filters allow you to filter by company, tag, model or device status.

RMS-hostpost-table-columns-.jpg RMS-hostpost-filters-tab.jpg

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