Settings deleted after reboot

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Some users have experienced a problem that causes the router to lose some or all of its configurations after a reboot. There are a few ways to deal with this problem:

  • Free up flash memory space - the problem may occur if the router's flash memory has been filled. If this happens, the router saves new data in random-access memory (RAM) instead of flash memory. If you have installed any custom packages or transferred any files to the router, you may want to free up some space. You can check flash memory space by logging in to the router's WebUI and checking the System widget:

Overview how to check flash memory.png

  • Factory reset - performing a factory reset will also solve the problem. You can instruction on how perform a factory reset on RUTxxx routers in the links below:

  • Firmware upgrade - upgrading the router's firmware will also solve the problem. You can find firmwares for RUTxxx routers in the links below: