TRB142 Firmware (EU)

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This page contains firmware files for TRB142 devices intended for use in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Korea, Thailand, India. The intended region of use is indicated by the seventh symbol in the firmware file name:

  • TRB1420_R_00.01.00.bin

Possible values for the seventh symbol are:

  • 0 - Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Korea, Thailand, India
  • 1 - South America, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan

To identify which firmware is compatible with your device, look up the product code of your device. You can look it up in the Status → System page or on the packaging of the device. The seventh symbol of the product code and firmware file name must match.

TRB142 European product code example:

  • TRB142 000000

Firmwares for other regions can be downloaded from the following links:

Firmware Version Changelog
Latest FW* TRB1420_R_00.01.06.1 2019.12.19
Factory FW** TRB1420_R_00.01.05 2019.09.30

* Latest FW - firmware candidate for release. This version will usually contain some new features and/or improvements (described in the Change log section of this article) but it hasn't been fully tested and approved by Teltonika's testing and technical support units.

** Factory FW - firmware used in mass production.

FW checksums

A list of firmware checksums for TRB142 firmwares uploaded in this page: checksum list

Change Log

TRB1420_R_00.01.06.1 | 2019.12.19

  • New:
    • SMS Gateway POST/GET, Auto Reply, SMS Forwarding
    • net-snmp 5.8 support
    • Modbus TCP slave, TCP master, data to server
    • Firmware over the air support
    • Events log
    • Mobile data limit
    • SMS limit
    • Static routes
    • RMS status, action and connect SMS rules
    • SMS I/O status rule
    • Configuration Profiles
    • Auto-APN
  • Improvements:
    • WebUI style improvements
    • I/O POST/GET, Output Scheduler
    • Added specific LED blinking on firmware upgrade, device boot and mobile indication
    • Added password protected access shell
    • Changed GPIO direction and state SMS rules
  • Fixes:
    • Added default device name
    • Access control fixes
    • Fixed RMS download, upload and data sending while connecting

TRB1420_R_00.01.05 | 2019.09.30

  • New:
    • Firewall sync with upstream
  • Improvements:
    • Improved partition checking logic
  • Fixes:
    • Removed alsa-intf dependancy
    • Disabled DROP SSDP rules
    • Fixed invalid magic number message
    • Fixes for multiple APNs
    • Disabled MCM on full modem control over serial
    • Fixed Deny data roaming option setting wrong values
    • Fix not showing I/O (dwi, relay, input) content in certain devices

TRB1420_R_00.01.04.1 | 2019.08.02

  • Fixes:
    • Input/Output related fixes

TRB1420_R_00.01.04 | 2019.07.15

  • New features:
    • Added Input/Output configuration and overview page
    • Added I/O status managememt SMS Utilities rules

TRB1420_R_00.01.03 | 2019.06.14

  • New features:
    • Added System → Administration → Diagnostics page
    • Added deny roaming option
  • Improvements:
    • Updated WebUI notification box style
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed RS232 echo option
    • Status → System table style fix
    • Fixed reset mobile bytes received/sent counter after connection restart
    • Fixed IPsec connection after reboot
    • Fixed call utilities mobile turn off rule

TRB1420_R_00.01.02 | 2019.05.22

  • New features:
    • Added Profiles functionality
    • Added Modbus TCP functionality
    • Added MQTT broker and publisher support
    • Add L2TP support
    • Added PPTP support
    • Added GRE Tunnel support
  • Improvements:
    • Added output state keeping after device reboot
    • SDK: added sanitized Linux headers
    • Add LED indication when in fastboot mode
    • Enabled reset button to enter fastboot mode
  • Fixes:
    • Show valid output options when using bidirectional serial over IP type
    • Fixed reloading eth0 interface

TRB1420_R_00.01.01.2 | 2019.03.25

  • New features:
    • Added Mobile Utilities service
  • Improvements
    • Improved modem boot up speed
    • Improved modem compression ratio
    • Added requirement to change password on first boot
    • Disallow keep settings when flashing an older firmware
  • Fixes:
    • Firewall append config with reload option
    • Added OpenVPN certs removal on OpenVPN tunnel section deletion
    • Various fixes for OpenVPN page
    • Backup/keep-settings fixed to include OpenVPN certificates and tlt auth files
    • Backup/keep-settings ficed to preserve root password
    • Added NTRIP client init
    • Changed NTRIP server IP address field to support hostnames
    • RS232 fix to prevent sending messages when service is disabled
    • I/O failure fix due to updated hardware
    • Fixed backup file uploading
    • Syntax fix on the RMS page
    • Fix signal LED no. 1 being always on
    • Reset modem after configuration changes fix
    • DDNS service restart after reboot/interface reload fix
    • Fixed renewing CLI session
    • Fixed setting date on boot
    • RS232 turn TX LED off when service is disabled fix
    • sysup fix
    • sodog fix

TRB1420_R_00.01.00 | 2019.02.01

  • Improvements
    • New versioning system

TRB14X_R_00.00.11 | 2019.01.16

  • New features:
    • Added CLI service
    • Added Static Routes page
  • Improvements
    • Added some visual style changes

TRB14X_R_00.00.10 | 2018.12.06

  • New features:
    • First factory firmware
    • Added NTP service
    • Added Dynamic DNS service
    • Added Auto Reboot service
    • Added Input/Output service
    • Added RS232/RS485 services