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The RMS Connect/VPN section located in the Services menu. It shows how much data is left for RMS Connect/VPN services and allows you to add more data if required.

Rms manual left services connect vpn menu v1.png

All of these RMS Connect services consume data:

RMS VPN service also consumes data:

Add data

To add more data to your account go to Services on the Left sidebar panel (ServicesRMS Connect) and click on RMS Connect.

Rms manual rms connect add data v1.png

1 RMS Credit provides 2Gb of data.

  1. Move your mouse pointer to the Data menu and select Add data (Data → Add data).
  2. In the new dialog window select the company to which the data will be added.
  3. Enter the amount of credits you want to use and click the Add button.
  4. You will get a confirmation dialog. Click the confirm button.

Rms manual rms connect data confirm v1.png

Data will be added and you will get confirmation message on the top of your screen: Data added successfully.