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The Domatica IoT Cube now runs on Teltonika Networks RUT95X series routers.


Domatica IoT Cube is an IoT edge software that enables instant and scalable deployments of IoT solutions. Together, Domatica and Teltonika technologies enable the rapid development of hardware solutions for IoT with a fully integrated IoT framework.

Disclaimer: this page describes installation of a third party (Domatica IoT Cube) platform package, which was not developed by Teltonika Networks. Teltonika Networks is under no circumstances responsible for, including but not limited to, package's compatibility with the rest of Teltonika Networks functionality, interoperability with other services, security or general stability. The user of this package acknowledges and agrees that the Teltonika Networks shall not be responsible or liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any damages or loss caused or sustained by the user, in connection with any use or reliance usage of said package

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