Network Service Commands TRM250

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Network Service Commands

6.1. AT+COPS Operator Selection - page 74

The command returns the current operators and their status, and allows setting automatic or manual network selection.

6.2. AT+CREG Network Registration - page 76

The Read Commandreturns the network registration status. The write command sets whether or not to present URC.

6.3. AT+CSQ Signal Quality Report - page 78

The command indicates the received signal strength <rssi> and the channel bit error rate <ber>.

6.4. AT+CPOL Preferred Operator List - page 79

The commande dits and queries the list of preferred operators.

6.5. AT+COPN Read Operator Names - page 81

The command returns the list of operator names from the ME. Each operator code <numericn>that has an alphanumeric equivalent <alphan>in the ME memory is returned.

6.6. AT+CTZU Automatic Time Zone Update - page 81

The Write Command enables and disables automatic time zone update via NITZ. The configuration is stored to NV automatically.

6.7. AT+CTZR Time Zone Reporting - page 82

This command controls the time zone reporting of changed event. If reporting is enabled,the MT returns the unsolicited result code +CTZV: <tz>or+CTZE: <tz>,<dst>,

6.8. AT+QLTS Obtain the Latest Time SynchronizedThrough Network - page 84

The command is used to obtain the latest time synchronized through network.

6.9. AT+QNWINFOQuery Network Information - page 85

The command indicates network information such as access technology selected, the operator and the band selected.

6.10. AT+QSPNDisplay the Name of Registered Network - page 87