RMS Manual: Events

The information on this page is out of date. This feature is deprecated and not available on the current version of RMS.


The Events menu tab stores various RMS related event logs, which includes Device, Profile, User and System events. This section of the RMS user manual provides an overview on the Events tab.


The View submenu of the Events tab can be used to customize which columns should be visible in the events table. It is visible from all Events tab sections and changes made to View settings apply to all sections as well.

Rms manual events view v2.png

  • Date - displays the date when an event occurred
  • Event type - displays event type, i.e., Device, Profile, User or System
  • Event - displays the description of an event
  • ID - displays an event's ID. Each event that occurs has its own unique ID
  • IP - displays a user's login IP address next to System related events
  • MAC - displays a device's MAC address next Device related events
  • Profile - displays from what profile an event was generated
  • User - displays the user's (who generated an event) ID. Each user in the RMS has its own unique ID
  • Records per page - sets how many events should be displayed in the events table at once
  • Reset to default - returns the View settings to their default state

All events

The All events section displays events of every type (Device, Profile, User, System):

Rms manual events all events.png

Device events

The Device events section displays RMS device related events such as new device added, removed, configuration changed, etc.:

Rms manual events device events.png

Profile events

The Profile events section displays events related to profile and group actions:

Rms manual events profile events.png

User events

The User events section displays events related to user creation or removal:

Rms manual events user events.png

System events

The System events section displays system related events such as successful and unsuccessful logins:

Rms manual events system events.png