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==Add new profile==
==Add new profile==
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The '''Add new profile''' function can be used to create '''sub-profiles''' on your RMS company (main RMS profile).
RMS profile hierarchy is comprised of two levels: on the '''first level''' is your main RMS profile; on the '''second level''' - sub-profiles created by your main RMS profile. Sub-profiles are child profiles that belong to a higher profile instance. Sub-profiles created from your main RMS profile can be monitored and managed from your main profile but are unreachable from and invisible to each other:
[[File:Rms profile hierarchy.png]]
Only your main RMS profile’s users with the '''Administrator''' role can create new sub-profiles and move license pools. Sub-profile users with an Administrator role can still create new users in that sub-profile, but can't create new profiles.
* Scroll your mouse pointer to the Profile submenu ('''Users → Profiles → Profile''') and click "Add new profile":
[[File:How to add a new profile to rms part 1 v1.png]]
* Enter a custom name and an email address that will associated with the new profile and click "Create profile":
[[File:How to add a new profile to rms part 2 v1.png]]
* You will be greeted with a pop-up informing you that the profile was created successfully. You can close it:
[[File:How to add a new profile to rms part 3 v1.png]]
* The specified recipient will receive an email, where he will have to confirm the email address for that profile. In that email, click the "Confirm email" button or if that doesn't work for some reason, you the confirmation link provided in the email:
[[File:How to add a new profile to rms part 4 v1.png]]
* When you visit the link you will simply be greeted with a pop-up informing you that the email address has been confirmed:
[[File:How to add a new profile to rms part 5 v2.png]]
==Move pools==
==Move pools==

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The Profiles section located in the Users tab can be used to create and delete profiles and manage RMS licences. This section of the user manual provides an overview on the functions of the Profiles section.

Add new profile

To create a new company go to the RMS web page, Management on the Left sidebar panel, (Management → Companies) and click on Companies submenu.

Move your mouse pointer to the top control Company menu and select Add new (Company → Add new).

RMS-user-companies-left-sidebar-panel.png RMS-top-menu-company-add-new.png

The Add new function is used to create new companies for your RMS profile. You can create a subsidiary company that will belong to your current company.

Rms manual add new company v1.png


  1. Move your mouse pointer to the Company menu and click Add new company.
  2. You will get a Add new company pop-up window.
  3. Enter your company name and select the parent company. Which parent company the newly created company will belong to.
  4. And finally click on the Create button.

At the top of your screen, you will get a notification: Company created.


  • Keep in mind, if you are a 3rd level company (your parent company has a parent company of its own), you cannot create a subsidiary company of your own.

Move pools

Move child