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The Status->Network page displays network information. It is divided into 7 categories: Mobile, WAN, LAN, Wireless, OpenVPN, VRRP, Access.


The Mobile section Displays information about the mobile connection and the SIM card in use. It also provides you with buttons that can be used to Reboot the modem (turns the modem off and then on), Reboot the Mobile connection (turns data connection off and then on) and (Re)register (disconnects from the mobile operator and connects again).

Rut9xx webui status network mobile v1.png


The WAN section Displays information about the Main and Backup WAN connections.

Status network wan.PNG


The LAN section Displays information about your Local Area Network and active DHCP leases.

Status network lan.PNG


The Wireless section Displays information about your Wireless connection and associated Wi-Fi stations.

Status network wireless rut230.PNG


The OpenVPN section displays information about the OpenVPN connection (either client or server)

Status network openvpn.PNG


The VRRP section displays VRRP status information.

Status network vrrp.PNG


Access Information

The Access Information section displays the status of both local and remote SSH, HTTP and HTTPS access and shows the number of current connections to your router through each of these protocol

Status network access info.PNG

Last Connections

The Last Connections section displays three of the last local and remote connections to your router via SSH, HTTP and HTTPS and their status (either failed or successful)

Status network access last.PNG