RUT30X Firmware checksum list


A checksum is a sequence of hexadecimal symbols generated after running an algorithm called a cryptographic hash function on a file. Calculating a checksum and comparing it with the one provided by the file source can be used as a file authenticity check method.

For example, if you download a file like a firmware image, you should be able to calculate that file's checksum and, if the file is authentic, the checksum should match the one provided by the file's source. If the checksums don't match, it means the file's contents were tampered with, for example, by a malicious third party attacker. This file is probably dangerous and shouldn't be trusted.

Checksum list

Firmware file checksums are listed by firmware release date, from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

FW version MD5 checksum SHA256 checksum
RUT30X_R_00.07.01 32d66e3b408858a961ef672ed591d627 be7df0731ad94ec24f215aa1d39cb7c29455ba6467df6228a6853fbb3b37f3a1
RUT30X_R_00.07.00 878d33d38a14e6e0e65550403d663076 849d3ea6069404f8413a34013097dc9b42a7373eb41eb67be3b3854cb4cbd5b5
RUT30X_R_00.02.06.1 a72e07de483f93532f2cdaba5dd702a5 309b1f20994205d4466354a6b9437105c971b413150ecd4b0abf3bbcda779b6d
RUT30X_R_00.02.06 0e0b50b1726de57b88592913cacf997d b023e424d3ad9c6444cdbb9e849fda2410ae769273652187fe66ee45bbec6edf