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| name          = RUT900
'''Profiles''' are a way to save multiple router configurations and switch between them with ease. Adding a new profile is simple: just type in a name (Note: profile names cannot exceed 10 symbols) and click the '''Add profile''' button. When you add New Profile, you save assign all current configurations of the router to that profile. This function is especially useful when some other devices are dependent on your router, but different devices require your router to have different configurations. For example, you can have two OpenVPN servers, both on different profiles, and group of devices that can only connect to one server and another group that can only connect to the other. In this scenario, instead of re-configuring the server or configuring a new one every time, you can switch from using one Profile to the other, thus changing the server's configuration at the same time.
| io            = 0
| fw_version    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.03.2
Profiles can be switched with [[SMS Utilities]] or via the router's WebUI, '''System → Profiles''' page.
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