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Main Page > RUTX Routers > RUTX11 > RUTX11 Manual > RUTX11 WebUI > RUTX11 Status section > RUTX11 Mobile Usage

The information in this page is updated in accordance with firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.00.


The Mobile Usage page contains graphs that display mobile data usage values over different periods of time.

Mobile Usage Data PeriodsEdit

You can navigate to different pages to display mobile data usage values over different periods of time. This includes:

  • Day - data usage values for the current day
  • Week - weekly data usage values
  • Month - monthly data usage values
  • Total - data usage for the entire monitoring period

The figure below is an example of the Day data usage graph:

Networking rutos mobile usage dualsim 1.png

Mobile data usage graphs for other periods of time are essentially identical, with the exception that different time units are displayed at the top of the graphs.

Below the graph you can see total data usage during specific data period.

Note: your carrier's data usage accounting may differ. Teltonika is not liable should any accounting discrepancies occur.