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Latest Packages (from 07.00)[edit | edit source]

Release Download link Release date MD5 - Latest click here (zip file) 2022.02.25 d84c5ce75f024e765998a19753a7182d click here (zip file) 2022.01.04 fbb4fcb7585ef64e4aca23a4bf9ade4c
00.07.00 click here (zip file) 2021.07.16 b0d5c490e5f1497e2e061cd6b957232e

Package List[edit | edit source]

Available packages for RUTXR1
Azure IoT Hub Cloud of Things Cumulocity DLNA DNP3 Hotspot Themes
Language - German MODBUS Serial Master NTPD QoS SMPP SSHFS
ThingWorx Tinc VPN TR-069 UDP Broadcast Relay ZeroTier


For individual package changes, please check full changelog.

Archive Packages

Archive packages (supported on FW version RUTX_R_00.02.06.1 and lower) can be found in RUTXR1 Package Downloads (Archive) page.