RUTX Firmware checksum list

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A checksum is a sequence of hexadecimal symbols generated after running an algorithm called a cryptographic hash function on a file. Calculating a checksum and comparing it with the one provided by the file source can be used as a file authenticity check method.

For example, if you download a file like a firmware image, you should be able to calculate that file's checksum and, if the file is authentic, the checksum should match the one provided by the file's source. If the checksums don't match, it means the file's contents were tampered with, for example, by a malicious third party attacker. This file is probably dangerous and shouldn't be trusted.

Checksum list

Firmware file checksums are listed by firmware release date, from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

FW version MD5 checksum SHA256 checksum
RUTX_R_00.02.00.2 e8cc6da35ad7b8c24b70e08aa1dba425 4181daa4c25fa137c71e9d83add679790f039f7b34b1ad3d4212607390e4811f
RUTX_R_00.02.00.1 5b9433e22fd1b5647890d98238ae8381 1598ebda597410b444ae61450222c4bf56899c0349d1fb16349872e112e5d44d
RUTX_R_00.02.00 eee8bcb405f9ee50b3fd6a25e7a8cfb6 be104038a8ae698d5d1204699a805fcd499f0201fe90540bdc7b23b937797dd9
RUTX_R_00.01.06 086c7ea926d76c1e830aa3a6f01dae68 a1d989cb6504bf5712b7846817f832805845b669f75aeece084f931365bc9f3a
RUTX_R_00.01.04.5 30c4653207425a4836590c3cfac66dfa 4f971276ea903a5017ed48f566f97116d15fd8446f6a5394a93df505b3889036
RUTX_R_00.01.04.1 f970ebf501444f387d6be5bb8d868345 e88952b1e510b104e6dac755dcc57987dbbcb20e984cb95834aee3aabb35117c
RUTX_R_00.01.03 f77b59f377ee5a166733b4b3a95a1f2e 402fe342fe1e098007072afafbfa11e0372813f22a35925238a11df201156260
RUTX_R_00.01.02 3c29f6d0cf00da48808f8abf035150b1 c54d26afd083e4b5e07c4d282715f3e6ff7c54b4552d24e217203fe63300653c
RUTX_R_00.01.01 3cbb32335b60c36aed7cd1dfef983a45 5b9b414977995a3a9f5b12ae2451da09434e248af3be52919ffa12ec2e8f87dc