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The '''RMS Connect''' section located in the '''[[RMS_Services|Services]]''' menu. It shows how much data is left for RMS Connect services and allows you to add more data if required.
All of these RMS Connect services consume data:
* [[RMS Remote Desktop|Remote Desktop]]
* [[RMS Remote SSH|Remote SSH]]
* [[RMS Remote HTTP(S)|Remote HTTP(S)]]
[[File:Rms manual left rms desktop v1.png]]
==Add data==
To add more data to your account go to Services on the Left sidebar panel ('''Services''' → '''RMS Connect''') and click on '''RMS Connect'''.
[[File:Rms manual rms connect add data v1.png|700px]]
1 '''RMS Credit''' provides '''2Gb''' of data.
# Move your mouse pointer to the '''Data''' menu and select '''Add data''' (Data → Add data).
# In the new dialog window select the '''company''' to which the data will be added.
# Enter the amount of '''credits''' you want to use and click the '''Add''' button.
# You will get a confirmation dialog. Click the confirm button.
[[File:Rms manual rms connect data confirm v1.png]]
Data will be added and you will get confirmation message on the top of your screen: '''Data added successfully'''.
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