Setting up WAN as LAN

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This article provides a guide on how to configure WAN port as LAN. These configurations are specifically made for RUTOS devices.

Configuring WAN as LAN

  • First you want to make sure that you have ADVANCED mode enabled. This will allow you to choose from a larger variety of settings.

Networking rutx manual webui basic advanced mode.gif

  • After that navigate to Network > Interfaces

Network interface settings.png

  • Disable WAN and WAN6 interfaces
WAN and WAN6 interface
  • Click Save & Apply

  • Next we will edit our LAN interface and navigate to Physical settings where we will add Interface item from the dropdown menu.

Physical settings of interface lan.png

  • In interface tab, add both "eth0" and "eth1" interfaces

Ethernet adapter in lan interface.png

  • It should result in something like this.

  • Once you're done with configurations above just save any changes you made.
  • Wait a minute or two for the changes to take effect. If there is no effect, reboot the device.

At this point, WAN port should work as LAN. Go ahead and try to swap from your to current port to WAN, you should be able to ping the router.