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Hi, I have a RUT240 LTE router, and when I put a SIM card in it, it detects the 4G network, but it can't be registered with the operator. I have tried with 2 different cards (O2 and Vodafone), with the same result, however, the data of those cards work correctly in the mobile phones and a TPLINK wireless router. I have tried to do what is shown in this post (, but I have reached the point: root@Teltonika:~# microcom /dev/modem_cmd +QCSQ: "LTE",47,-75,166,-10 +QCSQ: "LTE",47,-75,161,-10

Lines +QCSQ: "LTE",XX,-YY,ZZZ,-DD, don't stop appearing for more than one hour, when I stop (the line with +CREG: 1,...... of the example never appears) Would it be possible to make this router work with the SIM? Or, on the contrary, would I consider buying another one?

NB: the firmware is RUT2XX_R_00.01.12.3

Thanks in advance



Please try posting your questions on Teltonika-Networks Crowd Support forum:

You are much more likely to receive a response there.