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Selecting packages

To select which packages should be compiled into the firmware is through a special menu called Kconfig. To enter the Kconfig, standing in your projects root directory execute this command in the terminal:

make menuconfig

After executing this command you should see a view like in the picture below. [[File:{{{menuconfig_main_page_file}}}|border|class=tlt-border|700px]]

To move around in the Kconfig use the arrows on the keyboard, space bar to select or to unselect the package, and enter key to enter sub directories of packages.

Note: Do not unselect any package if you do not know what you are doing.

  • Packages have three markings:
    1. <*> - this symbol says that the package will be compiled an added to the firmware
    2. <M> - this symbol says that the package will be compiled but will not be added to the firmware
    3. < > - this symbols says that the package will not be compiled and will not be added to the firmware

  • By default all packages that were marked as to be compiled in the process, can be found separately from the firmware. Packages can be found in directory {{{package_dir}}}.

    This directory also has five sub directories. Packages are categorized in these directories by there type.