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{{Template: Networking_rutos_manual_fw_disclosure
{{Template: Networking_rutos_manual_fw_disclosure
| fw_version = {{#switch: {{{series}}}
| fw_version ={{Template: Networking_rutos_manual_latest_fw
  | RUT2XX = {{{series}}}_R_00.01.14.4
| series = {{{series}}}
  | RUT850 = {{{series}}}_R_00.01.04
  | RUT9XX = {{{series}}}_R_00.06.08.5}}

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Template:Networking rutos manual fw disclosure

Note: this user manual page is for {{{name}}}'s old WebUI style available in earlier FW versions. [[{{{name}}} Services|Click here]] for information based on the latest FW version.


The Services page is used for easy service management. From here you can monitor your device's services states. Click a button to access respective section where it was originally configured.

This chapter of the user manual provides an overview of the Services page for {{{name}}} devices.


The Services page displays the status of most of the device's services. Services that are currently inactive are displayed in a red font, while active ones are highlighted in green.

The figure below is an example of the Services page:


Click the zone next to a service where it says "Change settings" and you will redirected to configuration page.

Additional notes:

  • By default, only [[{{{name}}} NTP|NTP]] and [[{{{name}}} SMS Utilities|SMS Utilities]] services are enabled
  • Some services have to be installed via [[{{{name}}} Package Manager|Package Manager]], before they can be visible.

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