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The Network page contains information related to the device's networking. This chapter is an overview of the Network page in {{{name}}} devices.

The information in this page is updated in accordance with the RUTX_R_00.02.03 firmware version.


This tab displays information about the device's local network(s). The figure below is an example of the Network window: Networking rutx manual network lan v1.png

lan information
Name LAN interface name
IP address IP address of the LAN interface
Netmask Netmask of the LAN interface. In a sense, a netmask specifies the size of a network. In other words, it indicates which part of the IP address denotes the network, and which denotes the device
dhcp leases
Hostname Hostname of a LAN client
IP address IP address of a LAN client
MAC address MAC address of a LAN client
Leasetime remaining Remaining lease time for a DHCP client. Active DHCP lease holders will try to renew their DHCP leases after a half of the lease time passes.

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