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The information in this page is updated in accordance with firmware version [[Media:{{{series}}}_R_00.02.06_WEBUI.bin|{{{series}}}_R_00.02.06]].



This page is an overview of the SSHFS section of {{{name}}} devices.

SSHFS is additional software that can be installed from the Services → [[{{{name}}} Package Manager|Package Manager]] page. The 'Package Manager' service is available from FW version


SSHFS configuration consists of setting up authentication, port and mount information parameters. Below is an example oh the SSHFS configuration page.

Networking rutos manual sshfs.png

Field Value Description
Enable off | on; default: off Turns the SSHFS service on or off.
Hostname string; default: host .
Port integer [0..65535]; default: 22 .
Username string; default: user .
Password string; default: pass .
Mount Point filepath; default: /tmp/sshmount .
Mount Path filepath; default: /home/ .

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