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Radio specifications
RF technologies 3G, 4G, WiFi, BLE
Max RF power 24 dBm@WCDMA, 23 dBm@LTE, 23 dBm@WiFi 10 dBm@BLE
Bundled accessories specifications*
Power adapter Input: 0.6 A@100-240 VAC, Output: 12 VDC, 1.5 A, 4 pin plug
Mobile antenna 698~960/1710~2690 MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR<3, gain** 3 dBi, omnidirectional, SMA male connector
GNSS antenna 1575.42~1602 MHz, 2.2~5 VDC, VSWR<1.5, active total gain** 28 dB (typ.), RHCP polarization, SMA male connector
WiFi antenna 2400~2500 MHz/4950~5850 MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR<2, gain** 3 dBi, omnidirectional, RP-SMA male connector
BLE antenna 2400~2500 MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR<2.5, gain** 2.5 dBi, omnidirectional, RP-SMA male connector