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Summary[edit | edit source]

The Services page is used for easy service management. From here you can check the status of most services and find a link to each of their configuration pages.

The information in this page is updated in accordance with the [[Media:{{{fw_version}}}_single.bin|{{{fw_version}}}]] firmware version.

Services[edit | edit source]

The Services table displays the status of most of the device's services:


Additional notes:

  • Some services have to be configured before they can be enabled from this page. If you don't know where or how you can configure a certain service, try checking out the [[{{{name}}} Services section]] for guidance.
  • The rightmost column contains the "Change settings" button next to each service. If you click on of these buttons, you will be redicested to the respective service's configuration window. (For example, if you click "Change settings" next to "WEB Filter", you will be redirected to the Services → [[{{{name}}} Web Filter|Web Filter]] page.

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