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ZeroTier One is an open source software product which establishes Peer to Peer VPN (P2PVPN) connection between laptops, desktops, phones, embedded devices, cloud resources, and apps.

To make this section visible on the router, you must first install the zerotier package from the the System → [[{{{name}}}_Package_Manager#Packages|Packages]] section.

Click here to see a usage example of ZeroTier One VPN.

ZeroTier General

The General section is used to enable the ZeroTier service.


Field Value Description
Enabled yes | no; default: no Turns the ZeroTier service on or off.
Address string; default: none Your ZeroTier address. This field is filled automatically after a successful connection.
Networks string; default: none ZeroTier network address. This value should be taken from your ZeroTier account.

ZeroTier VPN

The VPN section is used to turn ZeroTier VPN on or off and select its role.


Field Value Description
Enable VPN yes | no; default: no Turns ZeroTier VPN on or off.
Mode Server | Client; default: Server ZeroTier VPN operating mode.