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This page contains information the different types of LEDs and their behaviour on a {{{name}}} device.

Mobile signal strength indication LEDs

The mobile signal strength indication LEDs are located at the top of the device (three increasing bars).


The number of lit up LEDs represents a different mobile signal strength (RSSI) value in dBm.

No. of lit up LEDS Signal strength
0 ≤ -111 dBm
1 -110 dBm to -97 dBm
2 -96 dBm to -82 dBm
3 -81 dBm -67 dBm
4 -66 dBm to -52 dBm
5 ≥ -51 dBm


Internet connection LED


Network status LED which indicates WAN connection.

State Description
LED is on The router has an internet connection.
LED is blinking internet connection has been lost.

WiFi indication LED


Network status LED for WiFi indication.

State Description
LED on WiFi is enabled.
LED off WiFi is disabled.