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The Add device function is used to add devices to FOTA.

  • Scroll your mouse pointer to the Device submenu (Fota → Fota → Device) and click "Add device":

How to add device to fota part 1 v1.png

  • Select to which profile the device(s) will be assigned to, place a check mark next the "Use username and password" field if you wish to set up an authentication system for that device(s), enter the device's serial number and LAN MAC address, click the "plus" symbol located near the bottom right of the pop-up box if you would like to add more devices and click the "Add device" button when you're finished:

How to add device to fota part 2 v1.png

  • You will be informed by a pop-up that the device(s) was added successfully. You can close it:

How to add device to fota part 3 v1.png

  • The added device(s) will appear in the FOTA device table:

How to add device to fota part 4 v1.png