Serial OverIP communication between Server and Client

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The information in this page is updated in accordance with firmware version 07.02.7.


This article provides a configuration example to enable communication from a serial device connected to the TRB142/5 to another serial device (e.g. RUT955/6) using OverIP via public IP or RMS VPN.

Configuration Overview and Prerequisites

TRB142/5 and RUT955/6 have serial communication ports, that combined with Serial-Over-IP functionality on server enabled to gather of all information from clients, and simultaneously send to all clients in remote sites.


  • 2 devices with serial port (e.g. TRB142/5, RUT955/6, TRB245/55)
  • 2 end devices capable of serial communication (we're going to use a PC and Hercules app)
  • Serial cables to connect to the end device ( 2 x RS232-USB will be used)
  • Public IP or RMS VPN configured.


Serial overip7.png


OverIP server

Firstly, we'll need to configure the Serial-Over-IP server. Navigate to Services->RS232, or (if you're going to use RS485, navigate there instead). Serial overip1.png

  1. Enable the interface
  2. Select baud rate (9600)
  3. Serial type (Over IP)
  4. Mode Server
  5. Select port (8000)

Now, you should let specific IP through, or just use for the whole internet to be allowed in. Serial overip2.png

  1. Select through which interface serial packets will come in
  2. Add it
  3. Type, which IPs will be allowed in
  4. Save

OverIP client

Serial overip3.png

  1. Enable the interface
  2. Select baud rate (9600)
  3. Serial type (Over IP)
  4. Mode Client
  5. Type in the server's public IP or RMS VPN's IP
    1. You can check your RMS VPN's IP by navigating to RMS VPN->VPN Hubs and selecting the hub where your serial devices are connected.
    2. Now you can check your OverIP server's IP
      Serial overip4.png
  6. Select port (8000)


After configuration has been complete, we'll need to test it. Launch Hercules on both PCs and connect using serial protocol to connect to TRB142/5 and RUT955/6. Serial overip5.png

  1. Select serial protocol
  2. Select the COM port to which your device is connected (On PC you can use Device Manager (Windows) to check this)
  3. Match the baud rate to which you've configured in the device
  4. Open the connection

Serial overip6.png

  1. Now try sending any message from the client to the server and vice versa.
  2. You should see the message you've sent appearing on the other side of the serial device.