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Each lit up LED represents a different value of the router's current signal strength in RSSI:

0 ≤ -111 dBm
1 -110 dBm to -97 dBm
2 -96 dBm to -82 dBm
3 -81 dBm to -67 dBm
4 -66 dBm to -52 dBm
5 ≥ -51 dBm

The signal strength LEDs can also be used as a time indicator for holding the reset button. When you press and hold the reset button, if there is a User's default configuration configured on the device, you have to hold it pressed for 6 seconds (by default) to initiate a User's default configuration reset and 12 seconds (by default) to initiate a Factory reset. Otherwise, it is only necessary to hold the reset button for 6 seconds to trigger a Factory reset. If the button was held down longer than 20 seconds (by default) no action will be taken.

While holding the reset button each lit up signal strength LED indicate that a period of two seconds has passed. When all 5 signal strength LEDs are lit up, they represent that 10 (LED number multiplied by 2) seconds have passed since you pressed down on the reset button.

After releasing the button at one of the reset periods, all 5 LEDs will start blinking every 1 second. This signifies that the router has begun the reset.