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Each lit up LED represents a different value of the router's current signal strength in RSSI:

0 ≤ -111 dBm
1 -110 dBm to -97 dBm
2 -96 dBm to -82 dBm
3 -81 dBm to -67 dBm
4 -66 dBm to -52 dBm
5 ≥ -51 dBm

The signal strength LEDs can also be used as a time indicator for holding the reset button. When you press and hold the reset button, you have to hold it pressed for 5 seconds (by default) to initiate a factory reset. Each second, a new signal strength LED lights up. When all 5 LEDs are lit up, it represents that 5 seconds have passed since you pressed down on the reset button and that you can release it.

After releasing the button, all 5 LEDs will start blinking every 1 second. This signifies that the router has begun the factory reset.