(U)SIM Related Commands TRM250

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(U)SIMRelated Commands

5.1. AT+CIMI Request International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) - page 60

The command requests the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) which is intended to permit the TE to identify the individual SIM card or active application in the UICC(GSM or USIM) that is attached to MT.

5.2. AT+CLCK Facility Lock - page 61

The command is used to lock, unlock or interrogate a MT or a network facility <fac>. Itcan be aborted when network facilities are being set or interrogated. Thefactory default password of PF,PN,PU,PP and PC lock is “12341234”

5.3. AT+CPIN Enter PIN - page 63

The command is used to enter a password or query whether or not the module requires a password which is necessary before it can be operated. The password may be (U)SIM PIN, (U)SIM PUK, PH-SIM PIN, etc.

5.4. AT+CPWD Change Password - page 65

The command sets a new password for the facility lock function defined byAT+CLCK.

5.5. AT+CSIM Generic (U)SIM Access - page 66

The command allows a direct control of the (U)SIM that is installed in the currently selected card slot by a distant application on the TE. The TE shall then keep the processing of (U)SIM information within the frame specified by GSM/UMTS.

5.6. AT+CRSM Restricted (U)SIMAccess - page 67

The command offers easy and limited access to the (U)SIM database. It transmits the (U)SIM command number <command> and its required parameters to the MT.

5.7. AT+QCCID Show ICCID - page 68

The command returns the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) number of the (U)SIM card.

5.8. AT+QPINC Display PIN Remainder Counter - page 69

The command can query the number of attempts left to enter the password of (U)SIM PIN/PUK.

5.9. AT+QINISTAT Query Initialization Status of (U)SIM Card - page 70

The command is used to query the initialization status of (U)SIMcard.

5.10. AT+QSIMDET (U)SIM Card Detection - page 70

The command enables (U)SIM card hot-swap function. (U)SIM card is detected by GPIO interrupt. The level of (U)SIM card detection pin should also be set when the (U)SIM card is inserted.

5.11. AT+QSIMSTAT (U)SIM Card Insertion Status Report - page 71

The command queries(U)SIM card insertion status or determines whether (U)SIM card insertion status report is enabled. The configuration of this command can be saved by AT&W.