1NCE Configuration

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1NCE is the global Tier-1 IoT Carrier specialized in providing managed connectivity services for low bandwidth IoT applications.


This article contains step-by-step instructions on how to set up Teltonika-Networks devices as 1NCE OpenVPN clients.


  • For OpenVPN to work with older than 00.07.2 firmware, it`s necessary to contact 1NCE for OpenVPN client password shorter than 129 bytes.

Downlowding configuration files

  • Go to https://portal.1nce.com/portal/customer/login and log in.
  • Open the Configuration tab and click the on OpenVPN Configuration button.
    1NCE OpenVPN Configuration 1.png
  • Select Linux/macOS operating systems.
    1NCE OpenVPN Configuration 2.png
  • Download client.conf and credentials.txt files.
    1NCE OpenVPN Configuration 3.png

Configuring a device

  • Log in to your device's WebUI.
  • Go to Services → VPN → OpenVPN and create new configuration by selecting role Clien, entering Configuration name and pressing Add button. New configuration should appear in a few seconds. Then press Edit.
    1NCE OpenVPN Configuration 4.png
  • Configurate new instance.
    1NCE OpenVPN Configuration 5.png
    1. Enable instance.
    2. Enable Enable OpenVPN config from file.
    3. Uploade 1NCE provided client.conf file.
    4. Enable Upload OpenVPN authentication files.
    5. Set Authentification to TLS/Password.
    6. Enter username. You can find your username on the first line in 1NCE provided Credentials.txt file.
    7. Enter password. You can find your password on the second line in 1NCE provided Credentials.txt file.
    8. Click SAVE & APPLY.