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This chapter is a guide on configuring provider hotspot instance on RUT routers.

Step 1: configuration


First, login into system using our credentials (click LOG IN in the top right corner). If you don't have a registered account then you need to create one - instead of clicking LOG IN, click SIGN UP.


Sign Up

After clicking SIGN UP you will be redirected to register page. Enter you account information and click Next.


Next step is to enter further information of your account. After entering it click Add Space.


Set Up new radius server

In the opened window click SETUP icon, then - Wifi Integration. You will be prompted to Radius Wifi Integration window.


Click the Set up Radius Server button in the bottom right corner.


Network details

You will be given your Radius server configuration data that you will need in the next step.


Add Wifi Guest Accounts

Click Wifi Guest Accounts in the bottom of the page to add accounts to let users access your wifi.


Type user account information and click Add Account.


At the bottom of the page you can see all your created users.


Step 2: Router configuration

Log in

Open your RUT9XX homepage. That can be done by entering in your internet browser's URL bar and log in with your credentials - the default credentials are admin as Username and admin01 as Password (the address can different - depending if you changed it or not).

Set up wireless

If you have already set up your wireless access point - skip this step.

Open the wireless configuration panel by clicking Network → Wireless


Click Add


Check the Enable wireless checkbox, enter router's SSID and for the safety purpose click Wireless Security.


Choose your Encryption, enter the Key and click Save.


Set up hotspot

Open the hotspot configuration panel by clicking Services → Hotspot


Click Edit


Use configuration details from Step 1.

Check enable box

Select External radius from Authentication mode dropbox

Select PAP from Authentication protocol dropbox

Type configuration details RADIUS Server, Authentication port, Accounting port and Radius secret key

And click Save


Test your Hotspot

Try connecting to your router using computer or mobile phone.

Select your router.


After successful connection visit any website. You should be redirected to hotspot login page.

Type your username and password.

Click Login


You should see a message Authorization Successful


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