Disable Mobile Data

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The mobile data connection in can be disabled in a few ways (when mobile data is disabled, SMS messaging remains operational):

  • By changing WAN type. Mobile data will be disabled if you change the router's main WAN from Mobile to WiFi or Wired. You can change WAN type by logging in to the router's WebUI and navigating to the Network → WAN section. From there, simply select a WAN option that is not Mobile and click the "Save" button.
  • By using the mobileoff SMS Utilities command. Simply send an SMS message to the router's SIM card with the text <router_password> mobileoff. Replace <router_password> with your router's admin password (for example, admin01 mobileoff). You can later turn the mobile data connection back ON the same way with the mobileon command.
  • Via command line interface (CLI)
    • You can turn mobile data ON and OFF by executing ifup ppp and ifdown ppp commands via a command line interface. The router has a built-in CLI that can be reached via the WebUI. This is not the only available CLI method, you can find more detailed information on all CLI methods in our Command line interfaces article.
      To login via CLI, go to the router's WebUI, navigate to Services → CLI, enter the user name root and the router's admin password and you will then be able to execute SSH commands. Simply type ifdown ppp and press the "Enter" button on your keyboard to turn the mobile data connection OFF. To turn the mobile data connection back ON, repeat the previous steps except instead of ifdown ppp, use ifup ppp.
      NOTE: this method will only turn mobile data OFF until the next configuration change or router reboot.
    • You can edit the network config and disable the mobile data connection so that it stays off even after reboot. To do this, execute these commands (change the 0 into 1 to turn back on):
uci set network.ppp.enabled=0
uci commit
/etc/init.d/network restart