How to recover access to account with 2FA enabled?

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In such cases where you no longer have the means to use your RMS account due to losing access to your factor of authentication such as:

  • Losing access to your email when Email authentication is used.
  • Your mobile device when:
    • Teltonika ID is used.
    • Time based one time password authentication is used.

You may contact us for assistance. To receive help in recovering your account, when prompted, you will have to provide necessary information that proves your account ownership through one of these communication channels:

  • Create a ticket in our Helpdesk system fully detailing the situation.
  • Contact one of our sales managers.
  • If you do not have a Helpdesk account or you are not in contact with our sales managers, please contact us through the Contact form, fully explaining your exact issue. The Contact form can be found here by clicking on the "Contact us" button.

Once you have provided the necessary information to us when asked, our support team will help you recover your RMS account.