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Nowadays we are used to high speed internet being at the reach of our fingertips wherever we are. But that is not always the case, especially in rural areas. However, Teltonika can offer a solution to this.

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Waykat Services P/L provided a stable mobile connection for a very grateful client that had setup a display office out in the middle of nowhere & then realized that they had no internet broadband.

Customer profile

Waykat Services P/L - Rural, Regional and Remote Communications.


A client setup an office in a rural area with no broadband internet. They tried many solutions, but internet service providers told them that there were no land lines near them and the location was not anywhere near their towers. Then the client brought a Telstra prepaid mobile broadband internet dongle, but it still did not work.


After all other options have been exhausted they turned to Waykat Services P/L for help, a company that specializes in rural, regional and remote communications. Upon receiving the call for help, the team sprung into action and drove to site where they were able to provide a high speed 4GX mobile broadband solution. The router used for mobile connectivity was Teltonika's RUT950.


RUT950 router
Completed installation
Speed test before and after the solution was installed


RUT950 is easy to integrate in other systems and setups and provides a reliable mobile connection.

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