Internet in the Countryside with RUT950

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Nowadays we are used to high speed Internet being at the reach of our fingertips whenever and wherever we are. Obviously, this isn't always the case in rural areas, farmsteads, beach houses or in the nature in general. However, one customer developed a solution of being able to use Teltonika's routers in any of these scenarios. Read on below to see how.

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Summary[edit | edit source]

A customer places RUT950 routers in hermetically sealed boxes making them waterproof. Coupled with with PoE, this turns the routers into an outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspots/Access Points.

Challenge[edit | edit source]

Finding a device that can be tidily encapsulated into a hermetically sealable case and be used in outdoor locations to achieve an Internet connection.

Solution[edit | edit source]

The solution couldn't be simpler with a RUT950 router in hand, which supports PoE, high speed LTE and Wi-Fi features.

Attachments[edit | edit source]

Rut950 hermetic box.png

Benefits[edit | edit source]

RUT950 routers' compact size makes it easy to be incorporated into basically any system. The routers' PoE feature makes them perfect for use outdoors, because you only need a twisted pair Ethernet cable to power it up. Furthermore, RUT950 routers come with four SMA antenna connectors (two SMA male for LTE and two RP-SMA male for Wi-Fi) ensuring the best quality of Internet anywhere that the router is placed.

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