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When you're planning a road trip or a camping trip to relax in nature, internet might not be the first thing you think about, in fact, many people take these types of outings to distance themselves from technology. On the other had, having access to internet when caravanning or camping comes in use when you're planning a longer trip, because in a technologically advanced world such as ours it's not always a good idea to become disconnected for very long periods of time. There are a lot of ways that internet access can be useful on such a trip, whether it be important emails, online bills, checking for routes for your trip, communication with friends or just putting on some music while chilling in the nature or on the road.

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Setting yourself up with a RUT950 router with a mobile connection on a trip provides you with the best coverage from carriers, best Wi-Fi network, biggest data allowances and overall control over your network.


When in need of internet access on a trip, one usually has several options - mobile Hotspot, public Wi-Fi access points, satellite internet. Although, these options usually have serious drawbacks. Mobile hotspots can be a lifesaver but they use up a lot of battery power and data, public Wi-Fi is usually not reliable at all as it is very slow and sometimes it even has other configured restrictions and satellite internet is just too expensive.


The best solution in these types of situations is getting yourself a reliable mobile router like RUT950. This way you'll have complete control over your network and have internet access wherever you are. Furthermore, RUT950 supports over 100 Wi-Fi clients, is easily configurable and has two external LTE antenna connectors for the best possible signal wherever you are.


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This solution is very reliable, easy to set up and inexpensive.

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