Mobile Main and AUX Antennas

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In Teltonika networking devices, one mobile antenna connector is "MAIN", while the another one is "AUX".

Depending on what technology (3G/4G) is used to connect to the mobile network provider, "AUX" antenna performs a different role:

  • When "3G" technology is used, "AUX" antenna is used as "diversity antenna" for error correction. Its effects are mostly noticeable in poor mobile signal strength areas.
  • When "4G (LTE)" technology is used, "AUX" antenna is used both as diversity antenna and as a secondary receiving antenna, increasing data connection quality and overall mobile download speed of the device.

We recommend you to always have both mobile antennas connected for the best performance. However, if the situation does not allow you to use both mobile antennas (e.g. if the router is mounted in tight space where there is only enough space for one antenna), then "MAIN" mobile antenna connector should be used.