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Events held in public places require more security than usual. Organizers wish to always be on top of things and to be able to identify and prevent any threats to safety from ever happening. A good video surveillance system is one way of achieving that. But installing stationary cameras for each new occasion eventually becomes impractical. That's why one of our clients came up with a wireless system for mobile video surveillance independent from the place of use.

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A customer uses RUT240 routers for remote and local control of their mobile camera systems.

Customer profile

VTQ Videotronik GmbH is a manufacturer of electronic components and devices from Querfurt, Germany. With 45 years of experience, they are also known as highly renowned developers and manufacturers of wireless video, audio and data systems known for their quality products worldwide.


Creating a video monitoring system that is both wireless, mobile, can be used anywhere, any time and controlled from any location in the world.


Implementing a RUT240 router into the system for remote and local control of the camera live images including control function and access to video recordings.


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The small size of the routers ensures easy installation and makes them perfect for this type of solution. The router is small in size but powerful in its capabilities. Designed for high reliability and mission-critical cellular communications, RUT240 routers support multiple remote and local control capabilities suitable for almost any scenario.

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