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This page contains firmware files for OTD140 devices. Look to the table below or the changelog to find download links.

To upgrade firmware using WebUI, follow the instructions in OTD140 Firmware.


File Type Release date Size MD5 Changelog
OTD140_R_00.07.07.2_WEBUI.bin Latest FW 2024.06.12 10.13 MB 1a6537bf7fdbfeeb365f05f63805a09b Link
OTD140_R_00.07.06.10_WEBUI.bin Mass production FW 2024.04.04 9.94 MB 6241a1a74588bdaa5ea1244e78f4739a Link
OTD140_R_GPL_00.07.07.2.tar.gz SDK 2024.06.12 19.33 MB 493275d081b6d77254945ddfd96e4c8c

Note: packages for Package Manager are independent from firmware and can be downloaded in the Package Downloads page.

FW checksums

Checksums for firmware files can be found here.


OTD140_R_00.07.07.2 | 2024.06.12

  • Improvements
    • Network
      • Zerotier: added backup WAN interface blacklisting if WAN failover is enabled
      • Mobile: improved communication stability with eSIM
    • Services
      • SNMP: added bruteforce attack prevention when using SNMP v3 user
      • L2TP: improved reconnect attempt logic
    • System
      • SSH: removed weak SSH algorithms
      • Telnet: moved to Package Manager
  • Fix
    • Network
      • BGP: fixed instance migration issues
      • Mobile: fixed forced APN configuration
    • Services
      • DMVPN: fixed duplicate NHRP map entries creation
      • OpenVPN: added fixes for the insecure tls-cert-profile option usage
    • System
      • IP Block: fixed blocking of UDP traffic
  • CVE Patches
    • CVE-2024-31948

OTD140_R_00.07.07.1 | 2024.05.03

  • New
    • Network
      • WebUI: added ESM/EMM message notifications
      • WebUI: added internet status tracking configuration and overview widget
      • LAN: added a new IPv6 LAN status page
      • Static Leases: added a new IPv6 Static Leases page
      • WebUI: added custom domain name resolve option in “DNS” configuration page
      • Auto APN: added “uno.au-net.ne.jp” APN for “KDDI” operator
      • Auto APN: added 'eprivate010.tisparkle.com' APN for “Sparkle” operator
      • QoS: added mobile interface select option
      • Mobile: improved connection establish time for uqmi protocol
      • Failover: added additional connection flush options
      • VRF: added initial Virtual Routing and Forwarding support
    • Services
      • DLMS Client: added persistent TCP connections
      • Events Reporting: added unexpected shutdown event
      • Modbus Client: added 64bit data types
      • IPerf3: added iPerf3 to Package Manager
      • TR-069: added PCI, LAC, TAC, EARFCN and Neighbour cells data to Device.MobileInfo node
      • Hotspot: added domain and subdomain options for external landing page
      • Ping reboot: added capability to restart PoE port
    • System
      • WebUI: added the ability to generate random passwords for password input fields
      • WebUI: added reset to “Factory defaults” option
      • System: changed firmware certificate verification tool
      • IP Block: added time-based login attempt blocking
      • WebUI: added firmware update notification support
      • PAM: added the ability to set port for TACACS+
      • Logging: added multiple remote syslog servers support
  • Improvements
    • Network
      • Static Leases: added possibility to use MAC with wildcard
      • WebUI: added ability to disable modem update notifications
      • Topology: changed network devices scanning application
      • WebUI: improved design of Status - LAN page
      • DHCP: simplified DHCP configurations in other pages and moved full DHCP configuration to a separate page
      • DHCP: removed default disabled server configuration for WAN interface
      • WebUI: simplified data entry of DNS forwardings by separating hostname and IP address fields
      • BGP: added Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) support
      • BGP: added multiple BGP instance support
      • WebUI: adjusted responsive design breakpoints
      • Dnsmasq: updated dnsmasq to version 2.89
      • WebUI: added additional field for warning threshold to allow entering value as percentage in Mobile Data Limit section
      • Mobile: improved mobile services stability when SIM card is lost during SMS sending
      • Mobile: updated bridge/passthrough mode logic to flush ARP and add static ARP entry if MAC is specified
      • Mobile: improved SIM switch logging and protection on failure to acquire data
      • WebUI: added partial data loading to APN database page
      • Mobile: improved SMS sending timeouts during network issues
      • Mobile: improved connection handling when data limit is reached
      • Mobile: added metric to default gateway when using passthrough mode
      • WebUI: added validation for 2 same APNs
      • WebUI: updated Band selection field to show duplex modes in Mobile General page
    • Services
      • Wireguard: added option to bind tunnel to a specific interface
      • OPC UA Client: added limits (10 servers, 20 groups, 50 nodes per server, 50 values per group)
      • DLMS Client: increased maximum count of connection sections to 30
      • DLMS Client: added short name referencing
      • SNMP: set strict default community access when IPv6 address is used
      • SNMP: improved sysName OID to set device's hostname
      • OpenVPN: added the bridge option for selecting the network device to be bridged with
      • OpenVPN: added possibility to create more than one TAP client
      • Auto Reply: added available SMS message parameters to "Message text" input
      • Modbus Client: allow using diacritics in SMS alarms
      • Hotspot: moved MAC blocking option from Access Control to Hotspot page
      • WebUI: added MAC authentication support when using RADIUS authentication mode
      • WebUI: moved licenses to footer
      • SSTP: updated package version to 1.0.19
      • Mosquitto: updated package version to 2.0.17
    • System
      • WebUI: added more strict password requirements for restoring backup
      • SMTP: added option to either not verify SMTP server or upload SMTP server's CA file to verify authenticity
      • WebUI: Added the ability to choose the ROOT CA when using certificates from the device
      • WebUI: unified time format to ISO8601 across the entire WebUI
      • WebUI: added ability to choose imported certificate and key as 'Server certificate' and 'Server key' in 'Access Control'
      • WebUI: added 'Hosts' and 'IP Addresses' options for 'Simple' certificate generation and certificate signing
      • WebUI: changed firmware update option to server as a default option
      • WebUI: improved first login password change logic
      • Certificates: updated Root CA certificates
      • GPL: added offline package preparation command for GPL builds
      • Speedtest: added multiple connections support to improve accuracy
      • Kernel: updated to version 5.15.149
      • Libcap: updated package version to 2.69
  • Fix
    • Network
      • Topology: fixed showing interfaces with assigned VLAN
      • WebUI: fixed static routing creation for GRE instance
      • Network: fixed DHCPv4 relay mode enabling
      • Mobile: fixed PIN code set after modem restart
      • Mobile: fixed an issue where using SIM change command on one SIM slot modems would reset connection
      • Mobile: fixed an issue where message storage would not be checked correctly
      • Mobile: fixed temperature value sometimes returning 0
      • Mobile: fixed denied roaming flag set
      • SIM Switch: fixed an issue when low "Check interval" was causing connection to fail
      • SIM Idle Protection: fixed problem when the SIM slot remained unchanged
      • Mobile: fixed an issue where SIM switch would fail when switching to PUK blocked SIM
      • Mobile: fixed an issue where sim switch would be executed twice immediately causing sim to not be switched
      • Mobile: fixed SIM PIN saving for non primary SIM cards
      • Failover: fixed Failover missing active rules when using multiple source and destination IP addresses
      • Failover: fixed an issue where failover would not function correctly while using a mobile interface
      • WebUI: fixed network and failover interface metric sorting synchronization issue
      • WebUI: fixed failover rule policy save issue with newly added WAN interface
      • Interfaces: fixed failover value for new WAN being taken from WAN that was just deleted
      • WebUI: added validation to prevent default VLAN deletion
    • Services
      • Modbus Client: allow using negative floating point values in requests
      • Azure IoT Hub: fixed Data to Server minor WebUI dependency bugs
      • Data to Server: fixed DLMS data formating
      • Data to Server: fixed Network link state data display
      • DLMS Client: fixed segfault while reading profile generic COSEM object
      • DLMS Client: fixed profile generic entries reading
      • DLMS Client: fixed application memory allocation issues
      • SSTP: fixed route adding when default route is enabled
      • SNMP: fixed VLAN OID naming
      • OpenVPN: added fixes for instance status tracking functionality
      • OpenVPN: resolved uptime counting issues
      • PPTP: fixed PPTP instance deletion problem
      • Hotspot: fixed password validation for locally created users and signed-up users
      • Hotspot: fixed session invalidation after deleting registered user
      • Hotspot: fixed SMS OTP password reuse
      • Hotspot: fixed firewall rule creation
      • PPTP: fixed problem related with routes when failover is enabled
      • Modbus Client: fixed issue where service freezes when SMS alarm is sent
      • Azure IoT Hub: fixed 'contentType' telemetry message parameter
      • UPnP: updated package version to 2.3.4
    • System
      • NTP Client: fixed ‘Count of time synchronizations’ execution when synchronization to mobile operator is chosen
      • Package Manager: fixed spinner message when restarting network after package upload or download
      • Package Manager: fixed supported devices check when installing a package from server
      • WebUI: fixed language install from uploaded package after upgrade with keep settings
      • WebUI: fixed an issue when a user was not logged out after changing profiles
      • Telnet: fixed segmentation fault during concurrent connections
      • CLI: fixed enter key issue on mobile chromium based browsers
      • System Users: fixed SSH session close after deleting user or disabling SSH access
      • Profiles: fixed profile migration with installed packages
      • Boot: now powering modem during preinit after firstboot
      • WebUI: fixed Hotspot log page table search functionality
      • Speedtest: fix missing download speed on some servers
      • PAM: updated libpam to version 1.6.0
  • CVE Patches
    • CVE-2022-4603
    • CVE-2022-23308
    • CVE 2022-45061
    • CVE-2023-0466
    • CVE-2023-6129
    • CVE-2023-7042
    • CVE 2023-24329
    • CVE 2023-27043
    • CVE-2023-42366
    • CVE-2023-46218
    • CVE-2023-46219
    • CVE-2023-46752
    • CVE-2023-46753
    • CVE-2023-48795
    • CVE-2024-2397
    • CVE-2024-25062
    • CVE-2024-27913
    • CVE-2024-22365

OTD140_R_00.07.06.10 | 2024.04.04

  • Global changelog for R_00.07.06.10 - LINK

OTD140_R_00.07.06.8 | 2024.03.25

  • Firmware R_00.07.06.8 was removed due to an issue with inefficient memory allocation for LED control.

OTD140_R_00.07.06.6 | 2024.03.04

  • Global changelog for R_00.07.06.6 - LINK

OTD140_R_00.07.06.5 | 2024.02.21

  • Global changelog for R_00.07.06.5 - LINK

OTD140_R_00.07.06.3 | 2024.01.17

  • Global changelog for R_00.07.06.3 - LINK

OTD140_R_00.07.06.1 | 2024.01.04

  • New
    • Initial firmware release