Purple.ai Hotspot Configuration

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Summary[edit | edit source]

This chapter is a guide on configuring purple.ai provider hotspot instance on RUT routers.

Step1: purple.ai configuration[edit | edit source]

Registration[edit | edit source]

First, register at purple.ai by clicking on GET STARTED NOW or FREE SIGN UP

If you already have registered account skip to Login section

1purpleai .jpg

Fill in the registration form and click NEXT. In next window fill the required fields too and if all information is correct click LET’S GET STARTED.


Portal Configuration[edit | edit source]

Link your social media accounts and move to step2.


Select with which social media accounts guests will connect to hotspot and move to step3.


Add your hardware.

In router type select RUT SERIES.

Fill Router Mac Address, you can find it on router sticker by the WLAN MAC or connect to router and run command IFCONFIG mac address will be by the wlan.



Now registration process is finished, login credentials will be send to your email.

Login[edit | edit source]

Now that you have registered account, to manage your portal, login with your credentials into purpleportal.net/login system. To check if everything was configured properly during registration, go to Management → Locations → Venues and Groups and click pencil like button EDIT.


There you can add new or change your hardware and access methods for guests.


Step2: Router configuration[edit | edit source]

Login[edit | edit source]

Now we need to open our RUT homepage. You can access the website by entering in your internet browser's URL bar.

Set up hotspot[edit | edit source]

Open the hotspot configuration panel by clicking Services → Hotspot


Click Edit.


Check enable

Select External radius from Authentication mode dropbox

Type configuration details: RADIUS Server

Radius secret key: 6n8!5ETGb^nd

UAM secret: uam175564uam

Check External landing page

Type in Landing page address: https://purpleportal.net/access/

8hotspot config.jpg

Under Walled Garden

Click Add and configure with:






If you added social media access methods, then you need to add additional domains. Walled garden with facebook as social media access method should look like this.


Click Save

How to configure other social media access methods and additional information check userguide:


Test your hotspot[edit | edit source]

Try connecting to your router using computer or mobile phone.

Select your configured wifi network.


Connect to network by filling purple.ai form or if configured with social media account


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