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Remote access is a service, which lets you connect directly to the devices (inc. third-party ones), that are connected to Teltonika's equipment using various protocols such as SSH, Telnet, HTTP(S), RDP, VNC, and SFTP.


By navigating to RMS Connect -> Remote access, you'll be greeted with this screen.
Here, you'll be able to:

  1. Add new connections
  2. Search and filter through existing ones using various parameters such as protocol, tag, or company used in connection
  3. Change how this list will be displayed and refresh the data.

Remote access2.png

Adding connection

Connecting using auto mode

To add a new connection - click + ADD, in the pop-up menu you'll be able to create a new direct connection through a Teltonika device. There, you'll have 2 Options - Auto or manual.

In auto mode, you'll get to choose:

  • Device, through which a direct connection will be made.
  • IP, to which you'll be connecting.
  • Which protocol/port will be used.
Connecting using manual mode

In manual mode you'd have to:

  • Write IP to which you'll be connecting
  • Type through which port connection will be made
  • Which protocol will be used
  • Through which RMS device this connection will be made

Connection view

By clicking on any connection in the list, you'll be taken to its overview. Remote access5.png In this windows, you can:

  1. View its connectivity parameters.
  2. View device details through which the connection is active.
  3. Generate a new connection link for the desired time, view existing connection links and additional actions with connection link:
    1. Open it.
    2. Copy link.
    3. Refresh link.
    4. Remove link.
  4. View any recent remote access logs.


In total there are 7 different protocols which can be used for Remote Access:

  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • SFTP

Access history

Access history can be found on the left sidebar, under RMS Connect section. Here, you'll be able to monitor who accessed your devices using RMS connect services by their access time, and data usage. Remote access6.png On this table you can:

  1. Switch between logs of Remote Access or logs of Mobile Access.
  2. Choose desired date range.
  3. Filter by company, email, protocol, or by specific remote access connection
  • Additionally, you can change how the table is displayed.